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Subsequent Arrival of Family Members and Inviting Visitors


If you would like to bring your spouse and children to Germany after you have settled in, you need to apply for a Family Reunification Visa. The family members in question need to file an application with the German Embassy in their home country first.

They are required to take the following documents with them:

Documents needed for subsequent arrival of family members

  • Valid passport

  • Marriage certificate (original and certified translation)

  • Birth certificates (original and certified translation)

  • Copy of the passport and residence permit belonging to the partner who is already in Germany.

  • All other relevant documents for the partner who is already in Germany.

  • Spouse's A1 language certificate (as proof of German language skills) if applicable.

  • The diplomatic mission will inform the local Foreign Citizens’ Office about the application and they will then write to you personally.
    If certain documents are missing which are important for determining whether the visa will be issued or not, the Foreign Citizens’ Office will send you a letter requesting you to submit the missing documents.
    If you do not have sufficient financial means to support your family in Germany, another person may sign a declaration of commitment stating they will support you and your family members financially.


    If you would like to invite visitors to Germany who require a visa, you need to hand in the following documents at the Foreign Citizens’ Office:

    Documents needed for inviting visitors

  • Application form: Inviting Visitors ("Besuchereinladung")

  • Declaration of Commitment

  • Form: Instructions on how to save and use the application data ("Belehrung zur Speicherung und Nutzung der Antragsdaten").

  • Your last 3 payslips/statements of grant receipts or possibly details of a blocked account depending on the amount of monthly income (€1,500 + €25 per visiting day if the visitor will be living with you, or €75 per visiting day if the visitor will be staying in a hotel or somewhere similar).

  • Tenancy agreement (stating the amount of rent and the size of the living area in square metres).

  • Bank statements from the last 3 months recording rent being debited from the account and wages being paid in.

  • Valid passport

  • Costs: €25

  • You need to hand in the completed forms at the Foreign Citizens’ Office. The required documents will then be passed on to the visitor and they will be able to take them to the embassy and apply for a visa.

    Please note that the information provided by the Welcome Centre is not legally binding and is not intended to replace or substitute for information provided by professional experts for each individual topic.
    We recommend you to also consult the diplomatic mission or your local Foreign Citizens’ Office for more detailed information on your individual case.

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    Application form: Inviting Visitors (Besuchereinladung)   (29.1 kB)

    Form: Instructions on how to save and use the application data (Belehrung zur Speicherung und Nutzung der Antragsdaten)   (36.0 kB)

    Declaration of Commitment (Erklärung des Verpflichtungsgebers)   (14.2 kB)

    Opening a blocked account (Eröffnung eines Sperrkontos)   (12.2 kB)



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