Internet Access

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RUB Email Account / Internet Access

You have to activate your internet account to go online in your dormitory. This works on a RUB computer with a card reader (e.g. in the University Library, University Administration Building etc.) and you can do it in four easy steps:

  • Put your student card into the card reader and enter your login ID (Benutzername) and PIN you received with your registration documents. The PIN can be found on a separate sheet.

  • Go to "Passwort zu loginID setzen" and set a password. You can choose it yourself. You need this password to gain access to the internet and your RUB email account.
    The data will be active approx. 1 hour later.

  • You need an internet cable to access the internet in your dormitory. Connect your computer and go to Register with your login ID and password.

  • You have to register with your data at "RUB Webmail": to use your email account. After that you can use your RUB email account via RUBICon (chip card with card reader) at home, on RUB's computers or online via "RUB Webmail".

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Please contact the computer centre's service centre if you have any questions concerning internet access or the RUB e-mail account.