DAAD scholar 2019

DAAD scholar Georg Stin receives prize money of 1000€

This year the DAAD prize has been awarded to Georg Stin from Russia, a bachelor’s student of Linguistics and Slavic Studies.

The award of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is granted to international students who execute outstanding academic performances and demonstrate exceptional social engagement. The award was received during the annual DAAD scholarship holders’ meeting and includes a price of €1000. RUB professors and lecturers may propose qualified students for next year’s award until October 2019.

This year’s awardee was nominated by Dr Katrin Bente Karl from Slavic Studies. The Rector of Ruhr-Universität Prof Dr Axel Schölmerich awarded the prize. A selection committee of the International Office and other faculties of Ruhr-Universität selected Stin for the award.

In total, scholarship holders from 42 different countries currently studying at Ruhr-Universität were invited as well as DAAD-alumni. About 80 guests listened to the speeches of rector Dr Axel Schölmerich, who reminded the audience of the importance of the worldwide academic exchange, the heart warming laudatory speech by Dr Katrin Bente Karl and the experience report of another fellow DAAD scholar, Albert Kobina Mensah from Ghana.

The DAAD is one of the most significant funding organisations for international exchange of students and researchers all over the world and annually funds around 150 international students studying at RUB. Additionally, they also sponsor international students taking part in special projects, and RUB students who are studying abroad.

If you are interested in a DAAD scholarship, please contact the DAAD or the International Office for further information.

22nd November 2019


The DAAD Prize 2019 is awarded to Georg Stin (second from left) by Dr Birgit Klüsener of the DAAD, Prof Dr Axel Schölmerich, Rector of the Ruhr-Universität and Dr Katrin Bente Karl of Slavic Studies.

Photo: International Office

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