Announcement of the DAAD-Price 2017

Announcement of the DAAD-Price 2017

The award of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will be given during the annual meeting of DAAD scholarship holders and including a price of 1000€. The DAAD-Price will be granted to international students who execute outstanding academic performances at RUB and demonstrate social commitment besides their studies.

The announcement is addressed to university lecturers of RUB who may propose qualified students. A direct application by potential awardees is not possible.

Application deadline ends on 25 October 2017!

As a university lecturer, you will need the following documents for the application:

  • CV of the student
  • certificate of enrolment of the student
  • information regarding academic performances of the student
  • confirmation about the social commitment of the student
  • letter of motivation for the potential awardee (1 page max.)

Further information can be found in the right hand column.

Please submit your application within the deadline vial Email to Joana Dewender.

The awardee will be chosen by a selection committee of the International Office.


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Announcement of the DAAD-Price 2017   (in German language only) (546.6 kB)


Joana Dewender