Teaching German – volunteers wanted

Teaching refugees the German language at RUB - volunteers wanted!

In addition to professional qualifications, the acquisition of the German language is the most important prerequisite for studying in Germany. How you can help refugees in learning German, students of RUB work out in an internship.

Since the beginning of 2016, RUB has offered free German courses especially for refugees. This successful project is essentially based on students, alumni and RUB employees who teach the German language on a voluntary basis to prospective students with a refugee background.

The “Berufsfeld” internship “Deutsch als Fremdsprache Refugees Welcome (Projekt Integra 12)” is carried out by the International Office in cooperation with the Department German as a Foreign Language (DaF), supporting and advising the volunteer teachers as well as the refugee students. Students studying a 2-subjects Bachelor degree can gain 5 ECTS in the “Optionalbereich”.

This placement is suitable for students from all faculties who have an interest in acquiring a qualification as a voluntary teacher of German as a Foreign Language.

We are very happy about the honorary commitment of RUB alumni and employees as volunteer German teachers. Participation in the preparatory workshops is also possible.

In a four-day workshop (21./22.04.17, 28./29.04.17), you will learn, among other things, how to plan and organize lessons. After the workshops, you will teach German once a week for four hours to course participants who have arrived in Germany as refugees (from 02.05.17 until 28.07.17, 12 weeks, course time 2 pm to 6 pm).

This module fulfils the basic requirements for to apply successfully as an Assistant Teacher Abroad (e.g. as a DAAD Language Assistant in schools or universities outside Germany).

Application period ends on 31 March 2017, please contact for further information Mrs. Sabine Kleff (Sabine.Kleff@rub.de).

Here you will find the module description for the Berufsfeldpraktikum: German as a Foreign Language - Refugees welcome (Project "Integra 12") of the “Optionalbereich”.

15 March 2017 ^mi

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