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Internationalisation Strategy

Ruhr-Universität Bochum's (RUB) internationalisation strategy was introduced on 10 August 2010.

An impressive document has been put together after many meetings with students, doctoral candidates, researchers and members of staff at RUB. This document conveys RUB's commitment to cosmopolitanism and its membership in the global community of researchers and students. RUB would like to use the potential found in its large number of international members and activities to its advantage and work towards attaining an integrated internationality. Internationalisation is a transversal task, established across the entire campus, and its implementation is therefore accepted, realised and experienced by all of RUB's members.

The following webpages will provide you with information about the details and implementation of the internationalisation strategy and you can also download the strategy paper.
You can collect a hard copy of the strategy paper from the International Office if you wish.


The following list provides you with an overview of some of the measures which have been put into force since the introduction of the internationalisation strategy:


Follow the link below to read the principles of RUB's internationalisation strategy


Click here to download the strategy paper


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