Principles of Internationalisation

As part of its further development towards becoming a “Universitas” which is internationally active at all levels, the Ruhr-Universität follows these principles:

  1. We see ourselves as a member of the international community of universities - the only global institution which, regardless of national boundaries, ethnic, cultural or religious factors, pursues just one goal: to increase knowledge through research and teaching, and thereby to work towards a better future for all people.

  2. We take our motto “people centred – cosmopolitan – high performance” as a binding standard for all we do: we bring together people from all over the world to achieve excellence.

  3. We all contribute to the international openness of our university and work on making interculturality felt everywhere on campus.

  4. We link all our action to the question whether it is consistent with and promotes the international openness of RUB: we therefore do not conduct any fields of activity from a purely regional or national perspective.

  5. We improve the international compatibility of our study courses further in order to make it easier for our students to gain experience abroad and to make ourselves more attractive to international students.

  6. For the promotion of young academics, we are constantly developing our instruments which are excellent in international comparison.

  7. We are introducing English alongside German as the second official language on campus. Language barriers are being stripped away in all key sectors, and intercultural dialogue promoted.

  8. We promote international mobility in line with capabilities.

  9. As a university oriented towards excellent standards, we are extending scientific cooperation with outstanding universities and institutions worldwide.

  10. We fulfil our social responsibility just as globally as we pursue our academic mission, and continue to develop our cooperation with universities in developing countries in selected key regions.


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