Work hard and never give up

International students give their feedback on Ruhr-Universität in the International Student Barometer

In winter semester 2016/17, Ruhr-Universität Bochum participated for the fifth time in the International Student Barometer (ISB) – the largest international student survey. 835 international students from undergraduate students to postgraduate students of Ruhr-Univeristät took part and answered the questionnaire. A total of 159.959 international students from 196 universities from 17 countries took part in the survey.

Top grades for Ruhr-Universität

Ruhr-Universität received very good grades, in particular, in the quality of teaching, its reputation as a research university and the study program. These were also the decisive factors for international students in their decision to study at Ruhr-Universität.

It is a research-rich environment with top minds to help students achieve their full potential. Cameroon, Faculty of Medicine

The institutions of Ruhr-Universität were also able to score points in the area of service and consultancy. The Welcome Centre, the RUBiss team of the International Office and the Student Secretariat were given excellent evaluations.

Working staff of the International Office has been extremely helpful and so nice with me whenever I needed help. 10/10. Italy, Faculty of Economics

Arrival in Bochum – a successful experience

From the application process and admission to the welcome events and orientation offers of the International Office, the arrival at Ruhr-Universität was a positive experience for international students. Since the start of the Ruhr-Universität’s participation in the ISB, the RUBiss team at the International Office has continually expanded its range of arrival and orientation services for international students. The fact that this offer is very well received is reflected in the rising positive valuations in the ISB since 2010.

I think the RUB is an excellent option for international students like me. When I arrived at RUB, I felt that every aspect of my stay had been already planned. Argentina, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Good teaching at Ruhr-Universität

86 per cent of respondents were satisfied and very satisfied with the quality of teaching at Ruhr-Universität. Especially the course contents as well as the excellent teachers were emphasized. Room for improvement see the international students with regard to the preparation for their professional career in Germany. The Career Service of Ruhr-Universität offers a broad range of consulting options and events – some of them in English.

RUB has good research facilities including the library, e-library, and laboratories. RUB offers courses and programs in English. Having numerous international students broadens the learning experience through learning about other countries' people, language, culture, politics, government policies, etc. Faculty of Economics

Living in Bochum

Low living costs, good internet access and the quality of the dormitories characterize the life in Bochum for international students. The excellent connection of Ruhr-Universität to public transport as well as the possibility to explore the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with the NRW-ticket was particularly emphasized by the students. At Ruhr-Universität, the great variety of sport courses offered by the University Sports as well as the tasty and cheap food at the dining hall, the Mensa, are very popular.

The university has great facilities and is easy to reach, offering high quality accommodation close to its facilities. Finally, the Ruhr Area is an amazing place to live, skipping all the cultural misunderstandings, Germans are nice and kind people, and as a student in the region, you are able to move around the whole area without additional costs. Colombia, Faculty of Economics

Student’s recommendations

Studying in Germany requires good planning and takes time, the students agree. Important is also good knowledge of the German language, best before the arrival. The advice for their future fellow students can be summarized as follows: learn German, never give up and take part in the orientation and extracurricular events, in this way, you get to know German students and can make the most of your study stay!

I would encourage them [new students; editor’s note.] to try as hard as possible to learn German. This brings many benefits from the practical and social point of view. Especially related to finding a house, a job, or German friends. Faculty of Psychology

Germany is a door-open country. You will never feel more welcome in another part of the world. I would advise them to be as open minded, curious and active as they can be, because both the country and the universities have a lot to offer and teach. Colombia, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy


The International Office will evaluate this year's ISB in detail and analyze the areas in which international students are satisfied with Ruhr-Universität and where improvements are needed. In the future, Ruhr-Universität will also participate in the International Student Barometer, thus providing regular, qualified feedback on student satisfaction and the student-related measures on internationalization.

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