FAQs "Accommodation"

Before Arrival

After Arrival

Before Arrival

Which dorms and which types of rooms are available?

The International Office has some rooms in the AKAFÖ dorms. We offer three types: Apartment (own kitchen, own bathroom)

  • Stiepeler Str. 71a
  • Laerholzstr. 17/19
  • Eulenbaumstr. 245-251
  • Erlenkamp, Markstr. 105
  • Querenburger Höhe 97-100

Room in a shared flat (a single room in a flat where 2-4 people share a kitchen and bathroom)

  • Europahaus, Spechtsweg 14-18
  • Grunewald/Markstr. 137
  • Erlenkamp, Markstr. 105

Single room (12 People have separate rooms along a corridor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom)

  • Laerholzstr. 80

You can find further information about the different dorms here:

How do I apply for a room?

When you're carrying out the pre-enrollment, please tick "Yes" when asked "Reservation of accommodation" and fill in the "Accommodation Request Form". You can download this form from our website. Send the signed form back to us via post, fax or email attachment.

Can I choose where I want to live?

You can state a preference on the “Accommodation Request Form”. We'll try to satisfy your wish but it's not always possible.


How and when do I find out which accommodation I've been given?

After we've booked a room for you we’ll send you the booking confirmation via email. This will be approx. six weeks before your arrival. Please confirm you've received the email and print out the booking confirmation.

How do I get my key?

You can pick up your key at the caretaker’s office in your dorm. The office is open between 9:00am and 11:00am and is located on the first floor. The caretaker's name and mobile phone number will be on your booking confirmation.

How can I get my key if I arrive after 11 o’clock?

Somebody else can pick your key up for you. This person needs your booking confirmation. ESN Bochum (Erasmus Student Network) offers a pick-up service at the beginning of the semester. You can apply online for this service:

When can I move into my room?

The earliest possible date you can move in is written on your booking confirmation. It’s not possible to move in earlier (as the room will be cleaned before your arrival) but of course you can move in later.

Do I have to pay anything before I come to Bochum?

No, you don’t have to pay anything in advance. The deposit and rent can be paid after your arrival.

Are pets allowed in the dorms?

No, pets are not allowed.

Am I allowed to have guests in my room?

Yes, you're allowed to have guests staying overnight but not permanently!

What is provided in the rooms?

All the rooms are furnished. Information about the dorms and a 360-degree view of the rooms can be seen here:

You can rent bedding for your room, but no towels. There's usually no equipment in the kitchens. However the former tenants may have left some kitchen appliances. We recommend you don't bring too many kitchen appliances. You can also buy things in Bochum.


After arrival

How do I pay my rent?

First you need to open a German bank account. After signing your tenancy agreement at the Accommodation Office, your monthly rent will automatically be taken from your bank account. This is taken on the 5th day of every month. The first month's rent has to be paid by bank transfer. The account number is indicated on the second page of your tenancy agreement.

How much is the deposit and how do I pay it?

The deposit is equal to a full month’s rent and has to be transferred at the beginning of your stay. The account number is also indicated on the second page of your tenancy agreement.

Can I transfer the money from a foreign account?

Yes, it’s possible. You’ll need the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code you can get at our office.

How can I rent bedding?

Bedding can be provided for 4 euros per month. You have to wash the bedding yourself. However you can return it unclean at the end of your stay. The costs for bedding are deducted from your deposit at the end of your stay.


How can I extend my tenancy agreement or end it earlier?

Both the extension and shortening of the tenancy period have to be done two months in advance by the end of the month. In both cases please come to our office (SH 1/185). The shortening (i.e. cancellation) has to be done in written form.

Can I change the room?

Usually it’s not possible to change your room. However we can make an exception in special cases if we have rooms available. If you want to change your room please come to our office to explain why.

Please note: If you move we’ll book a half month’s rent twice. You'll pay for your new room from the beginning of the month and your old room until the middle of the same month, so you'll have two weeks to organise your move.

How long can I stay in my room?

The maximum duration of stay in our rooms is one year.

What do I have to do when I move out?

Please make an appointment with the caretaker ten days before you're due to move out. He'll inspect your room on the day you move out and write an “acceptance protocol”. You need to give the keys back to the caretaker afterwards.

Is it possible to pay less rent if I move in later or move out earlier?

No, it isn’t. A full month’s rent has to be paid every month. The only exception is if you move in in mid-September or mid-March at the beginning of the semester.

What can I do if I have to leave early in the morning and can’t be present during the caretaker’s inspection?

You can authorise a friend to be present at the inspection on your behalf. You should issue a written authorisation so your friend can get your deposit back for you. You need to write your name, the address of your dormitory and your friend's name on the authorisation and it has to be signed by you.

How do I get my deposit back?

Please come to the Accommodation Office with your acceptance protocol (SH 1/185). You'll receive a check with your deposit and you can immediately cash it in at the Sparkasse in the Unicenter. Please note that another person needs authorisation if they're collecting the check for you.

Is it possible to get my deposit transferred to a bank account abroad?

Yes it is. Bank transfers within Europe are free of charge. A fee has to be paid for transfers outside Europe. This fee will be deducted from your deposit. You need to give us the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code for a transfer to a foreign account.