Erasmus+ Traineeships: How to Apply

Application Requirements: Enrollment, Acceptance, Insurances

  • Your total time abroad may not exceed 12 months within one study cycle (State Exam, Bachelor, Master, PhD)
    Students pursuing a State Exam in Law and Medicine can intern abroad up to 24 months.
  • You must be enrolled at RUB at the time of application.
  • You need a binding confirmation by the internship organisation.
  • You need to proof sufficient health insurance, personal liability insurance as well as accident insurance whilst abroad.


You must provide sufficient insurance coverage during your Erasmus+ Traineeship.

Health Insurance
You must have adequate health insurance coverage. Usually basic coverage is provided by the national health insurance as well during your stay in another EU country through the European Health Insurance Card. However, the coverage of the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance may not be sufficient, especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention. In that case, a complementary private insurance might be useful. It is the responsibility of the internship organisation to ensure that you are aware of health insurance issues.

Liability Insurance
You must have adequate liability insurance coverage (covering damages caused by you at the workplace). A liability insurance covers your damages during your stay abroad (independently whether you are at work or not). Varying arrangements with respect to liability insurance are in place in different countries engaged in transnational learning mobility for traineeships. You therefore run the risk of not being covered. Therefore it is the responsibility of the intersnhip organisation to check that there is liability insurance covering in a mandatory way at least damages caused by you at the work place.

Accident Insurance
You must have adequate accident insurance coverage (covering at least damages caused to you at the workplace). This insurance covers damages to employees resulting from accidents at work. In many countries employees are covered against such accidents at work. However, the extent to which you are covered within the same insurance may vary across the countries engaged in transnational learning mobility programmes.

DAAD Group Insurance
Participants might want to purchase the DAAD Group Insurance that includes a comprehensive health, liability, and accident insurance.

Application Process: Online and Offline

Step 1: Online

Fill in the Online Application Form at least one month (30 days) before your first work day and upload the following pdf-documents:

  • Letter of Motivation
    The typed essay (1-2 pages) explains your reasons for the Erasmus+ traineeship.
  • CV
    Length: 1-2 pages
  • Transcript of Records
    A Transcript of Records is a complete list of your courses, grades, and degrees earned during your course of studies. You can download this list from the RUB eCampus portal.
  • Departmental Internship Confirmation
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships
    You and your internship organisation must sign the Learning Agreement at the time of application. We accept scans.
  • Proof of Enrollment at RUB
  • Proof of Health, Personal Liability, and Personal Accident Insurance

Step 2: Offline

Print and sign and scan the Grant Application Form generated online and submit it via Email to Veronika Klasik. We only process complete applications.

Selection Criteria

The International Office selects Erasmus+ Traineeship applications according to fair and transparent criteria:

  • relevance to your degree-related learning and personal development
  • academic achievements
  • volunteer or community work
  • earlier experiences abroad

    Good luck with your application!



Veronika Klasik

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