Erasmus+ Traineeships: Organising Your Stay

At Least 4 Weeks Prior to Your Traineeship

  • Fill in the Online Application Form
  • Print and sign the Online Application Form and submit it either personally to Sina Nitzsche, send it by snail mail or drop it into the red Outgoing Mailbox located in front of office SSC 1/224.

    In order to receive the first installment of 80% of the total grant amount:
  • Sign the Grant Agreement (GA). The GA specifies the duration of your mobility, the grant amount and your rights and obligations. Submit it either personally to us, send it by snail mail or drop it into the red Outgoing Mailbox located in front of office SSC 1/224. Since this is a legal document, we do not accept scans.
  • Conduct the EU Online Language test (OLS) (email invitation).

    Finalize your Traineeship:
  • You have a non-EU citizenship, you need to check with your respective embassy whether you need to obtain a visa.
  • Organise a sublet for your student accommodation via the AKAFÖ or offer your apartment to incoming students via the International Office
  • Organise your accommodation abroad
  • If applicable: Apply for financial assistance (Auslands-BaföG)
  • If applicable: Arrange a Leave of Abscence
  • Finalize traineeship details with your receiving organisation

During Your Traineeship

If the conditions of your Traineeship change:

No Later Than 30 Days After Your Traineeship

In order to receive the second installment of 20 % of your Erasmus+ grant:

  • Submit the Learning Agreement After the Mobility (page 3) to the International Office which includes the actual duration of your stay
  • Submit the letter of reference
  • Conduct the second OLS test
  • Fill in the online EU Survey
  • Submit your final report. If you want to share your experiences with future students, please also submit an anonymised version of your report. We will upload it on our website
  • If applicable: Approach your Examination Office for academic recognition of your traineeship and submit the proof of it


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