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ERASMUS Internships

Students have been able to receive the ERASMUS Mobility Grant for self-organised internships in foreign EU member states since autumn 2007. The mobility grant may vary each year.


  • Students must be enrolled on a degree course at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) (nationality is not important)
  • Internships can be carried out from the first year of studies onwards (doctoral students included), as long as you’re registered as a student at RUB
  • Acceptance letter for either a mandatory or a voluntary internship needs to be presented
  • The internship must last between two (at least 60 days) and twelve entire months

Every ERASMUS stay counts towards the 12 months maximum of each cycle

Application and Mobility Grant

You need to submit your application to the International Office at least one month before your internship starts. However, it would be wise to contact the International Office before you apply for the Mobility Grant to prepare for the next steps.


Please remember to take out health insurance, personal liability insurance as well as accident insurance whilst abroad. Your insurance company will be happy to assist you in finding the best cover.

Scholarship Limitations

Internships in the following organisations are excluded from the ERASMUS Programme:

  • European institutions and organisations
  • Institutions administering collaborative programmes (EU programmes)
  • These institutions are eligible for DAAD’s Carlo Schmid Programme

Scholarships may only be awarded in accordance with funds provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). An early application could increase your chances of being nominated for a grant. However, students have no legal entitlement to monetary support from the ERASMUS Programme and this cannot be claimed from RUB.

Additional Funds

Disabled students may apply for additional funds:



Before your internship starts:

If there are changes:

At the end of your internship:


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