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PROMOS Application: Internship Abroad

Next application deadline: 1 March 2021

For internships in the funding period 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2021, provided that the application will be submitted before the end of the stay, in due form and time.

You can apply online using the Online Portal for Outgoing Students of Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Required Documents

⯈ Curriculum vitae (about one to two pages) (German or English)

⯈ Confirmation of the internship’s relevance issued by the faculty
Download form
⯈ Motivation letter (about one to max. three pages) (German or English)
(Further information in German)
⯈ Recommendation letter (issued by an academic staff member) (German or English)

Usually university teachers send their recommendation letters directly to the International Office. In this case please upload a short note (PDF only). Please note that we cannot accept any recommendation letter handed in after the deadline. PDF only.

⯈ Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records can be downloaded via eCampus or FlexNow. Medical students please upload their “PJ-Reifeprüfung” (entrance examination for the practical year). A Transcript of Records issued by the Examination Office is also accepted.

⯈ If applicable, copies of university diploma (Please note that a higher education entrance qualification certificate is no university diploma.)

⯈ PROMOS Training Agreement
Download form
⯈ Language certificate (see below “Information on the Proof on Language Skills”)

⯈ Current RUB enrolment certificate

⯈ Proof of further funding or remuneration (if applicable)

Information on the Proof of Language Skills

Please note that the proof of language skills is a mandatory part of your application. It cannot be accepted if handed in late and will only be accepted if it is not older than two years. Please get in touch early if you have any questions or doubts about it.

The following certificates may be accepted:

⯈ DAAD language certifiate
(Further information)⯈ UniCert
(Further information)⯈ Bachelor degree in a philology
⯈ For French and Spanish: DELF, DELE
⯈ For Asian languages: JLPT, TOPIK, HSK

The following certificates can unfortunately not be accepted:

⯈ DAAD language certificates not issued by RUB
⯈ All the certificates mentioned above which are older than two years
⯈ Certificate of attendance for language courses
⯈ "Abitur" certificate

PROMOS Criteria for Selection

All applicants are evaluated by a RUB internal selection committee consisting of members of various faculties. Approximately four weeks after the submission deadline, candidates will be determined in a selection meeting organised and coordinated by the International Office. The selection is based on the following criteria:

⯈ Academic records (40%)
⯈ Purpose of the stay (25%)
⯈ Motivation (12%)
⯈ Language skills (10%)
⯈ Letter of recommendation (8%)
⯈ Academic progress and potential (2%)
⯈ Extracurricular activities and interests (2%)
⯈ Formal requirements on the application documents (1%)

Usually it takes about six weeks to receive a response.

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