Tandem.MINT & Natural.PALS

Tandem.MINT, the language learning programme for students of Natural Sciences and Engineering, matches RUB students with a tandem-partner and allows both partners to practise German or another foreign language, geared towards individual goals and in realistic situations. Participating in Tandem.MINT can benefit both students involved in their further studies and in a globalised working environment.

In the Buddy-Programme Natural.PALS international students of Biology (BSc, MSc), Chemistry (MSc), Biochemistry (MSc), or Geography (BSc) are connected with a local student at his/her respective faculty as a peer-tutor. This way, international students benefit from individual and subject-specific support in the first phase of their studies and can make first contacts to local and international fellow students.

Students can now apply for the winter semester 2019/20 – the application deadline is 15 September 2019.