Internshipt at UA Ruhr Liaison Office in New York

Internship at UA Ruhr Liaison Office New York

The UA Ruhr Liaison Office New York represents Ruhr-Universität Bochum, TU Dortmund University and the University of Duisburg-Essen in the United States of America and Canada. The alliance pursues to intensify the cooperation between North American partner universities and initiate transatlantic cooperations.

UA Ruhr offers advanced students an internship in the Liaison Office in New York. The intern will be given an insight into the daily work of the Liaison Office in particular and UA Ruhr in general, support the organization and implementation of events and fair attendances as well as the development of new information supplies.

The internship at the UA Ruhr Liaison Office New York takes six months (July 2017 until January 2018). The intern is obligated to write a report subsequent to the internship. This report serves as the basis for the internship certificate. On request UA Ruhr also issues a letter of recommendation with an evaluation.

Application deadline: April 3, 2017(by email in New York)

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Anika Odenbach